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Glitche - 구글평점:-, Glitche is a full range of tools and options to turn your images into masterpieces of digital art. Released on 4/18/2013, Glitche totally changed the world of modern visual culture.

“It's free to download compared to £300 per hour for a post-production suite”
Nick Knight, one of the world's most influential photographers

“It's so special, it's so now”
Nicola Formichetti, fashion director

“Glitche is sick”
Lily Allen, singer

Kim Kardashian, TV star

Custom designed interactive filters
Beautiful effects such as Glitch, Datamosh, 3D-transform, VHS and others
Video and high resolution images export
Layers, masks, texts and emojis
Sharing to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr

Use #glitche hashtag on Instagram and your art will be featured on

Use 'Restore' button in the upper right corner of the sharing screen to restore purchases.


Glitche Ltd

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