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TonalEnergy Chromatic Tuner and Metronome - 구글평점:-, TonalEnergy Chromatic Tuner and Metronome is an all-inclusive application designed for the pro musician to the beginning player. Whether you play a brass, a woodwind, a string instrument, or any member of the guitar family, this application can help you improve your skills. It is so much more than just a tuner!

The tuner responds to all instrument types in the pitch range from C0 to C8. Features include the target tuner display, a dedicated string tuning screen, eight octave keyboard (iPad only), chromatic wheel, and a tone generator that includes high quality multi-sampled instruments for symphonic brass and woodwinds, which is unique among all other tuning applications.

The user-friendly multi-function metronome provides the meter and subdivision options that you'll most often need, quickly accessible at any time.

The analysis page includes frequency and harmonic energy plots, along with a scrolling waveform display, all of which aid the players or ensemble to “see” as well as hear their sound. Audiobus and MIDI features allow the sound library to be used with compatible music notation and recording apps.

While musicians strive to improve their sounds and skills, the TonalEnergy Chromatic Tuner and Metronome makes practicing more effective and fun.


Large colorful animated tuner on all three tuner screens
Bright flat/sharp indicators when tones are very out of tune
Highly responsive to wind instruments, as well as acoustic and electric string instruments
Separate orchestral string and guitar tuning modes
Extensive tuning list for all standard fretted string instruments and many more features specifically designed for a string tuner
An expandable eight octave piano keyboard for the iPad that enhances many of the key aspects of the tuner’s functions
Indicators of note name, octave, cents offset, and frequency are seen on each page of the tuner
Instantly changes between equal, just and other custom temperaments, including user-defined ones
Recognizes a very large pitch range, extending to lower registers than many competing tuners (C0 - C8)
Chromatic wheel tone generator, with optional auto-vibrato feature
Major/minor chords and polyphonic chords
Generates a pitch reference note using the TonalEnergy instruments or waveforms
Frequency and Harmonic energy overtone graphs, along with a multi-function waveform display with recording and playback, including TIMESTRETCH
Metronome tempo controls up to 300bpm, with tap-tempo, 6 subdivision choices, 23 simple, compound, and duple/triple meters, and visual flash
Various notation options including standard English, Solfege, Northern European, and Indian variants
External MIDI keyboard control support via CoreMidi and Akai Synthstation 25, as well as virtual MIDI, and background operation
Audiobus and inter-app audio support to allow analyzing the output of other applications, or streaming output to other music notation and recording applications
Recording feature to create exercises using the TonalEnergy instruments or your own, exportable via iTunes sharing, email, AudioCopy, SoundCloud, or Open In another app
Import songs from iTunes Library, or email attachments
Automatic or manual transposing options
Compatible with external microphones and clip-on vibration sensor using an interface adaptor cable
Supports external video output for displaying all tuner screens to an external display for use in classrooms or rehearsal halls
Universal app, with all device orientations supported
Bluetooth output support
VoiceOver support for the blind or visually impaired
Adjustable A=440Hz reference


Piccolo, Flute
Oboe, English Horn, Bassoon
Eb, Bb/A Soprano Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Baritone Saxophone
French Horn
Tenor and Bass Trombone
Euphonium and Tuba
Square, sawtooth, and sine waveforms
Plucked Strings

TonalEnergy Chromatic Tuner and Metronome

Sonosaurus LLC

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