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Swype - 구글평점:-, Why type when you can Swype Swype is the most accurate keyboard on the planet. Whether you type or Swype we enable you to input words faster and easier. It learns the way you type so the more you use it, the smarter it gets.

“There is no faster, easier way to input text on an iPhone” - CNET
“My favorite is Swype...It’s surprisingly powerful” The New York Times

New Features:
New animated themes for purchase
- Sand Ripple
- Sun Burst
- Earth Eclipse
New languages:
- Arabic
- English AU
- Farsi
- Hebrew
- Vietnamese

Note: Go to the Swype App on your Home screen to preview and purchase new themes.

Product Features:
Incredibly intuitive language models that accurately predict what you type or Swype
Intelligent Emoji support in 6 languages
5 Free themes and more to purchase
Quickly enter symbols, punctuation and capital letters with Swype gestures
Add or remove words from your personal dictionary
Customizable keyboard layouts (QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY)
Use Swype on your iPad or iPhone

Supported languages:
Arabic -
English (AU)
English (UK)
Czech - e tina
Danish - Dansk
Dutch - Nederlands
Farsi -
Finnish - Suomi
French - Francais
French(CA) - Francais(CA)
German - Deutsch
Greek - Ελληνικ
Hinglish - Hinglish
Hungarian - Magyar
Irish - Gaeilge
Italian - Italiano
Norwegian - Norsk
Polish - Polski
Portuguese - Portugues
Romanian - Roman
Russian - Pyccĸий
Spanish - Espanol
Swedish - Svenska
Tagalog - Tagalog
Turkish - T rkce
Ukrainian - Укра нська

* For best results, please ensure that you have updated to the latest version of iOS 8


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