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Cortex Camera - 구글평점:-, Cortex Camera combines dozens of individual frames to create a single high resolution, noise free image. The result is a long-exposure photograph, but it doesn't require the inconvenience of setting up a tripod. Take clear low-light photos and capture unique effects like soft water, all with just the press of a button.

PLEASE NOTE for best results the camera must be held steady and your subject must be still for the duration of the exposure, which takes 2-10 seconds depending on which device you’re using and lighting conditions.

- Advanced image processing techniques combine information from multiple frames to remove noise and increase resolution.
- Motion compensation enables hand-held long exposure photography.
- The “enhance shadows” option brightens dark areas of your photos without making them look unnatural or processed.
- Grid overlay
- Automatically determine number of frames to capture based on lighting conditions, or manually select up to 100 frames
- Most of all, image quality! The list of features isn't long but the majority of development time has been spent on obtaining the best image quality possible on a mobile device.

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Cortex Camera

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