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Weird Park: Scary Tales. Hidden object game. - 구글평점:-, The incredible sequel of the sensational awesome hit in the genres "Hidden objects" and "I Find" is already here!
"Weird Park: Scary tales" - his rusty gates are open again and waiting for fearless adventurers and true detectives, who will not afraid and will make a step into an old park, which contains numerous extremely interesting challenges, mysterious places, and dark ancient secrets. Destiny awaits you, mortals!

Ghostly Louis the Clown and fabulous Mr. Dudley are back in an all-new disturbing adventure full of twisted versions of children’s fairy tales. Play through the dark and well-crafted puzzles, discover numerous hidden objects, and rescue the children who have been taken to the fearsome evil clown’s tower.
You will be drawn in by the amazing story, the creepy atmosphere, and the inspiring awesome cinematics. Prepare for some or anything in Weird Park: Scary Tales!

True fans of "hidden object" or "Adventure quest" genres and those who love search and find objects, find items or play another best games on English, will appreciate this addicting game for girls and boys, children and adults. This exciting adventure hidden object mystery game contains funny puzzles, interesting tasks, and numerous mini-games!

Can you dare to stand face-to-face with the ancient evil on unique hidden object scenes in this world of intrigue and mystery If you want to be the best detective, and want to earn some glory and respect, you don't need money or other resources - just make a step into cruel deepness dark of this secret park and use your brain and your mind to avoid all death menaces! Adventure is waiting for a true puzzle solver like you!

◇ Atmospheric locations and beautifully designed, dark & creepy levels to play!
◇ Tons of enchanted hidden objects to find, addicting quests, funny mini-games or logic puzzles to solve!
◇ Amazing cinematic cut scenes and best hidden object gameplay!
◇ Epic story-driven game - truly original storyline with unexpected ending!
◇ Equally suitable for kids, teenagers, and adults
◇ Help you revise vocabulary and have hours of fun!
◇ Improve your concentration, perception, and focus, enhance your cognitive capacities!
◇ Nice and pretty HD graphics!
◇ Catchy music and embracing sound!
◇ Play on all kind of mobile phones or tablets
◇ No Wi-Fi or internet connection required - play where and when you want!
◇Supported languages: English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Espanol, Dutch, Japanese

Most beautiful, story-driven, highest-quality, most epic hidden object adventure game on your mobile device!

Wanna know how it all started
Download Weird Park: Broken Tune and Weird Park: Final Show and enjoy!

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Weird Park: Scary Tales. Hidden object game.

Alawar Entertainment, Inc.

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