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XAnimateClock Pro - 구글평점:-, XAnimateClock is a unique and new widget application based on the famous Free desktop customization platform "XWidget" for Windows and Android.
A very lightweight and highly customizable widget engine with powerful visual widget editor.


1. Touch on the CENTER of the widget (or the on-widget digital clock) to activate the hotspot.
2. Touch on the edges of the widget to activate the Widget Options.

1. Large number of animated clocks (analog, digital, clock/weather)
(online gallery that updates with new widgets multiple times a month)

2. Support for:
- Analog and digital clocks
- Battery
- RAM (with "clear memory" function)
- Storage capacity
- Weather
- Calendar
..and more

3. Supports hotspots.
You can launch directly the system clock OR any custom app/s from your phone
(or check the weather details - for the clock/weather widgets)

4 Online widget gallery.
One-touch to download and install widgets from online gallery.
Large number of widgets in online gallery, updated periodically.
Long press to delete the widget

5. High quality graphics
The widgets are created with high quality images (.pngs) to show nice on all homescreens and resolutions

6. XWidget compatibility.
You can use XWidgetDesigner/Editor for Windows or Android to create your own clocks without any limitation!
For more info:
and id=com.xwidgetsoft.xwidget

7. All the widgets use the original file extension ".xwp" of XWidget.
NO EXTRA ".apk" files are installed in your phone.

8. Multi-layer widgets with customization options

9. Live weather with up to 15 days forecast.

10. Few resources taken, not using the CPU in peacetime.
Very lightweight and Battery Friendly: Do not run any code or action after lock screen , has no effect to the lifetime of the battery.

12. Requires only a few Permissions
Without any residual background services and processes.
When closing the widget it will completely exit without any permanent backstage to slow down the system.

1. Please exclude the widget from any task killers, this will resolve the time freezing issue.
Do not use any "Kill processes" or "Release memory" app to kill the XAnimateClock's process , Doing this will cause the clock widgets stop update.
Or You can add XAnimateClock to the ignore list . If your clock/weather widget doesn't update, please allow XAnimateClock Auto-Start in Android Settings>Permissions

2. All the animated widgets run smoother on faster devices. If you notice any slowdown on your phone please use the built-in option to hide the seconds.


XAnimateClock Pro

SuperDesk Software

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