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Kill Time - 구글평점:-, Love fast-paced multiplayer games Love quake Love running around with a gun killing everyone in sight Then Kill Time is for you!

Kill Time throws you and up to 64 players on a LAN connection with random guns and the only target is to kill as many players as possible!


- Simple & responsive FPS controls.

- Simplistic graphics the focus is only on the gameplay and the content.

- Over 30 weapons!

- No stupid in-app purchases.

- 3 maps.

- Dirt cheap game.

- (NEW) Team Deathmatch!

- (NEW) Singleplayer Zombies Mode!


- Capture the flag mode.

- Even more guns.

- More maps.

- Google Play Achievements.

- Singleplayer mode with bots.

NOTE: The game requires at least two players! it wasn't designed as a singleplayer game!

Also, I greatly encourage you to come and join me on my humble discord ( server where we can discuss the game and other topics!

Kill Time

Winterbolt Games

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