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Radio Alarm Clock++ (clock radio and radio player) - 구글평점:-, Dear user,
this app is 100 ad-free! Sometimes I receive negative ratings due to radio stations playing advertisements. There is nothing I could do against that. The app itself still is ad-free.

Advice: Use 1-2 minutes of increasing volume for your alarms. You won't hear the first commercial then.

*Currently more than 1100 radio stations from all over the world!*
Each station is individually added by hand upon user-request to ensure YOU get the stations YOU like!

read phone status and identity is needed for muting alarms when calls are detected
read/write external storage is needed for importing/exporting favourites

Description / Functions


This app evolved from the 'Radio Alarm Clock (free and ad-free)'.
It is a heavily refurbished version with a more modern design, many improvements and new functions.

The advantages and new functions of the Radio Alarm Clock++ include, among others:

Option for WIFI auto activation at alarm time

completely new, more modern design

Three different home screen widgets:

-1: showing the next alarm time and tapping will show the time left until it goes off

-2: basically the same, but also holds a button which will launch the app

-3: a tiny radio player:
buttons: play/stop, previous/next station, SLEEP
display: station name (and IF supported/found: song metadata) - a tap on the station name leads to the app's player where you can change the station

examine detailed statistics about your behaviour regarding getting up, listening to the radio and other actions within the app

useful comfort functions:

-sleep timer radio

-timer / power nap

-a quick start button which will start sleep timer radio and/or power nap alarm with preset durations immediately

-a night clock (showing the current time as well as the time left till next alarm)

Those can be found, configured and used directly on the main page

additional functions like:

-a volume bar inside the radio player

-the possibility to change the radio station also on the alarm screen (like in the radio player)

-display of battery level and current time inside the improved radio player

This is an online clock radio.
An internet connection is required in order to play an online stream.
In case there is no internet connection available, an integrated audio file will be played instead to make sure the user will get woken up anyway.

You can set multiple repeating (weekly) or one time alarms per day.

alarm volume
ALARM instead of MEDIA volume
snooze duration: 1-30 min
alarm auto off: 0, 5, 10, ... , 120 min
automatic snooze
safety dialog when disabling an alarm: on/off
increasing volume (standard alarm): 0-60 min
increasing volume (power nap): 0-5 min

Radio Alarm Clock++ (clock radio and radio player)

Benjamin Laws

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