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Piano Sheet Reading PRO - 구글평점:-, This is the ad-free version.

This app has been designed to let you practice Piano Sheet Reading anytime, anywhere.

It has 3 main parts:


Below we describe each of these parts:

PIANO NOTES: Helps you in learning the notes names and relate their locations on the staff with their positions on the keyboard.

- It has a section on which you can click on each one of the keys of a virtual piano to see it´s name and the corresponding note on the staff. Includes Treble Clef and Bass Clef.

- It has exercises to practice what you have learned on the previous section.

Exercises without a time limit to answer - Basic Level
Exercises with time limit to answer - Intermediate Level

Relationship from Sheet Music to Keyboard: Different notes appear on the staff and you must click on the key corresponding to each one of those notes.

Relationship from Keyboard to Sheet Music: Different keys are pointed out and you must click on the note of the staff corresponding to each one of those keys.

This helps you to see the notes in a score and know which are the corresponding keys on the Piano / Keyboard, or in reverse: you can see a key on the Piano / Keyboard and know which is the corresponding note on the staff.

After working the exercises with no time limit to respond you can work those with time limit. That will help you to speed up the recognition of the notes on the staff and on the keyboard.

MELODIC READING: To practice sight reading of notes on Piano / Keyboards.

- It has one section for Treble Clef and one section for Bass Clef.

30 exercises in Treble Clef: different octaves and key signatures.
20 exercises in Bass Clef: different octaves and key signatures.

When each exercise begins you must click on the piano keys corresponding to the notes that are heard and which you must read at first sight.

The highest score for each exercise is 100 points. If you don´t get at least 80 points we suggest to work on that exercise a little more.

RHYTHMIC READING: To practice sight reading of rhythms on Piano / Keyboards on several music styles as Rock, Blues, Jazz, Funk, Latin Music and Fusion.

- On each style you will find several LESSONS and QUIZZES that correspond one with each other.

- On each Lesson you will see a score and you will listen to what is written on it with animations of the beats and the notes on the staff. You can listen just to the Piano / Keyboard or you can listen to the whole band. These animations help you understand in an easy and intuitive way how music for Piano/Keyboards is written.

- On each Quiz you have to click on a button when each of the notes or silences that are marked with red takes place. There is a maximum of 10 right guesses per Quiz. We recommend not to go further and review the corresponding Lesson if you don´t get a minimum sco

Piano Sheet Reading PRO

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