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AUG Launcher pro - 구글평점:-, AUG Launcher (Android Unique Gesture Launcher) is a unique launcher that has a number of interesting features. It is the best gesture launcher available today.

AUG L pro,
Unlock all the features of AUG L by purchasing AUG L pro,
> Use Search keys having a length of more than 2 character,
> Use Gesture for,
- Open apps
- Run Shortcuts
- Run AUG L services
- Control events (Wifi,Hotspot,etc…),
> Swipe actions(2 finger).
> Expand Notifications, Recent apps, Expand Quick settings by Gesture/Swipe.
> Customize unread badges.
> More page animations (Book, One rotate, Fade all, etc…).
*** Support development ***

AUG L pro acts as a key to unlock all the features of AUG Launcher(which is available free on Play store).Don't have AUG Launcher install it...

AUG Launcher pro


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