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Protect Note Pro - 구글평점:-, Protect Note is a useful application to protect your private notes. To protect a note use encrypt algorithm using a password. Protect Note is optimized for fast using.


-first of all - create a new note, press the button "+",
-press a long click on the item of list - show the task dialog (CRYPT/DECRYPT/DELETE/SEND),
-press a short click on the item of list - edit the note,
-default password is "password" - press the button "Setup-Password", create own a password,
-login password = protect password, the password is just one,
-the password is stored only in your android device.


- easy to use,
- all android devices support (optimized for smart phones and tablets),
- user friendly interface,
- intuitive user control,
- minimalist design,
- optimized for performance,
- unlimited files can be protected,
- very fast use.

Sharing with your full privacy assured!!

Sharing is easy. You don´t have to create any account, thus no personal information can be hacked on someone else's site. Either you possess the information or the one to whom you send it. You only need an EMAIL account and a receiver's email address if you desire to share your information.


- access network state
- internet
- external storage


There is no password recovery procedure because the password is not stored anywhere.
Keep in mind not to edit encrypted files manually because app will not able to restore original file. File remains corrupted.

Protect Note Pro


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