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Sms2Mail+ Drop your SMS to mail! - 구글평점:-, Sms2Mail+ application can forward all the incoming text message from your device to any email account. Sms2Mail is an user friendly app and very easy to use. This app comes handy when you require an OTP to do some transaction/verification and you don't have accessibility of your mobile device.

App Configuration Steps:

1) Login via gmail credentials. The application uses the Gmail API to login into gmail to send email on behalf of user and doesn't store passwords locally on the device.

2) Configure your recipient email address. It can be any email which can receive the incoming mails. Here you can use the corporate or your work email id where the mobile devices are not permitted.

3) Sms2Mail requires access to read the sms and contacts from the users device. So make sure you give the permission when popped up on your screen. This permissions can be managed at any time via android settings app. Make sure this permissions are enabled when the Sms2Mail service is enabled.

4) The app requires the working internet connection. This can be accessed via wifi or cellular data.

Important Sms2Mail App Features:
-> Push mails for your text messages with no time lags.
-> Best way to receive OTP at work.
-> Supports MultiSim phones and has the capability to forward the messages from both numbers to the recipient mail
-> Secure log in via gmail OAuth 2.0

Note: MIUI users shall enable this application in Autostart (Settings>Permissions>Autostart> Enable Sms2Mail+) manually.

The users agrees the application terms if they install the application. The developer is not responsible for losses occurred to its user in any form due to the application. The users understands that they are using this application for their own convenience.

Sms2Mail+ Drop your SMS to mail!

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