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Heat Transfer Pro - 구글평점:-, - Right now all across the globe, scientists, engineers, technicians, and hardworking students are trying to calculate a heat transfer problem for their work or class. Fortunately, the "Heat Transfer Pro" app comes to the rescue. It is an elegant and powerful tool for calculating steady state heat transfer phenomena via conduction, convection, and radiation.

- It is designed to calculate the transferred heat through multi-layered planes, cylinders, or spheres of arbitrary conductivity and width via conduction as a stand-alone, or combined with convection. It is also equipped with the ability to solve for all intermediate temperatures with a simple press of a button.

- The app incorporates all possible types of convection such as pure convection (no conduction), single convection (conduction with one-sided convection), and double convection (conduction with convection on both sides).

- It calculates radiation emission for various configurations of arbitrary emissivity such as the heat transfer emitted by a grey body, a grey body embedded in an environment, or two grey bodies.

- The app is also equipped with a heat transfer calculation of uniform cross sectional fins under various boundary conditions such as fins with free or insulated ends, and fins with specified temperature at end. In addition, it provides the ability for the user to calculate the temperature at any arbitrary location on the fin.

- In all cases, a graphical representation of all temperature distributions is shown, through elegant and clear plots.

- There are more than 65 explanatory figures, in order to make "Heat Transfer Pro" an engaging, unique, and most of all simple application. A valuable tool for everyone who is interested in heat transfer phenomena.

Heat Transfer Pro

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