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Bergen Tour App - 구글평점:-, The Bergen Tour App is an app created by local residents of Bergen, Norway and consists of an audiovisual walking tour of the major sites in the historic harbor area of Bergen. Bergen Tour App also contains a shortlist of our favorite restaurants, pubs, museums and local attractions, shopping areas and day trips, perfect for those visitors not wanting to spend hours doing research and planning during their 48 hours in Bergen.

The 1.5 km/ .9 mi. walking tour covers the history, architecture, food and society of Bergen’s historic fish market, waterfront, UNESCO site, and along Norway’s oldest street. The tour features Google Maps so navigating is simple.

We update the app seasonally so that the content is fresh and up to date. The app features each of our recommendations on a map so it’s easy to get directions and navigate around this cozy corner of Norway.

Our recommendations are the places that we frequent during our daily lives and we think you will appreciate them just as much as we do.

To use Bergen Tour App you will need an internet connection so please make sure that you have mobile phone data while you’re using the app. We recommend using headphones/earphones while using the app but it’s also possible to mute the sound and just read along.

We hope you have a wonderful tour and visit to Bergen.

Bergen Tour App

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