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Footwiz - Football feints - 구글평점:-, Would you like to be invincible on a football pitch Eliminate your opponent’s defense cruelly, doing it beautiful With Footwiz you will learn how to outplay defenders effectively and how to be unstoppable on the sharp of your attack.

Footwiz is a collection of the most fruitful football feints divided into step by step instructions of 5 difficulty levels performed by professional footballers with a long term record of service.

In instructions of performing of every feint you will find:
- Videos which contain feints. Also you have an ability to slow down (240fps) the videos to watch the feint in details!
- Text description of every step with photos
- Notes for increasing efficiency of your feint

You needn’t internet connection to use our application. Everything you need to train on a pitch is already available in your smartphone!

Footwiz - Football feints

Nibiru Lab.

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