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Empty Folder Cleaner(No ads) - Delete Empty Folder - 구글평점:-, Annoyed with loads of empty folders in your file manager Empty Folder Cleaner(No ads) Can Help You!

With a single click all the empty folders will be deleted by Empty Folder Cleaner(No ads).

Empty Folder Cleaner(No ads) is Very useful Folder Cleaner to remove folders and delete junk files.

Empty Folder Cleaner(No ads) will help you delete all empty folders and sub empty folders on your device.

Key Features
1)Multiple options to delete empty folders
2)Delete empty folders from internal storage
3)Delete empty folders from external storage/memory card

Some apps of my phone create a lot of empty folders for temp files. After deleting the apps from my phone, But the empty folders stay on my phone (you can see them with simple file manager). This app will delete all of those empty folders in a second.

This app will not delete empty folders from the directories /LOST.DIR
If your device is running on Android version >= 6.0 (Marshmallow), We're sorry because this app CANNOT clean external SD cards. because of Google's policy: ANY 3rd-party apps can't access to external storage.

Empty Folder Cleaner(No ads) - Delete Empty Folder

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