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Wild West Fights: Girls Fighting World - 구글평점:-, Wild West Gangsters Fights Club is complete package of girls fights game.

This game is specially designed for wild girls fighting games fans, so are you ready be become a part of girls fight club Be a wild heroin to hunts down villains. Its time to fight and save the west.It is an epic game of free fight girls fighting in bikini in the best beaches in the world. Be a wonder and fight like a strong woman to win fights. This Game will help you to learn about self defense.

This game is combination of super heroin girls fighting skills and wild west woman fights. It’s all about saving the lives of innocents by fighting evils. This will also helps you to improve your fighting skills and help you to become fearless like western people.

This game is a combo of real west fighting pro games it has many modern martial arts skills and moves collection of America, Japan, and china. You will love to play as western girl fury fist fights designed for most powerful fighters like you. Feel the real need for fight and kill the enemy and crush their bosses in rival fighting game.

In this west wild girls fighting game get into brawl with furious enemies. The muddy streets of west are waiting for your fights skills. Be like western fighter woman to kill enemies.

Each fight level is designed carefully according to the views of fight experts.

Astonishingly beautiful graphics will take your breath away with the fever of the game.

Be the real women west Shaolin Kung Fu street fight in this free fighting game. Survive in extreme bully gangster death matches and knife fights.

Download the game for free, join us and rate us with your kind words to encourage us to improve the game.

Available in the following languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Chinese

Wild West Fights: Girls Fighting World

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