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At its core, Bit Cast is an Android application that allows users to stream and play torrent video media before it finishes downloading. The media can be casted directly to Chromecast devices, or played locally on the user's phone. Bit Cast also supports sharing video streams over HTTP with devices on the same network.


- Download torrents and play supported media before it finishes downloading.

- Play supported media on Google Chromecast devices.

- Play media using other devices on the same network over HTTP using a shareable URL.

- SRT and VTT subtitles are also downloaded along with the torrent and can be used while casting or playing media locally.

- Configurable shortcut button that opens the user’s default browser to some URL.

- Tapping a magnet or torrent URL will open the app and automatically start the stream.


- Only supported media types that support streaming can be played before the download completes.

- Only the largest video file within a torrent will be downloaded.

- The type of media that can played on a Chromecast device is limited to what media types are supported by the Chromecast device.

Bit Cast

Jonathan Trowbridge

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