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Evil Inside: Jessys Diary - 구글평점:-, EVIL INSIDE: JESSY'S DIARY

Evil Inside: Jessy's Diary is a classic 2D shooter game with new age high quality backgrounds, sounds and game effects.


Jessy is an old commando soldier. She was re-appointed by the government to prevent terrorist attacks. However, the forces supporting the terrorists have injected them with some kind of virus to make them stronger, aggressive and cruel.


1. High quality backgrounds
2. 3D Real sound effects (Pan and zoom)
3. New age 2D effects
4. Very very smart enemies (They can follow and aim at the player)
5. 20 different levels (please check updates for new levels)
6. ENDLESS MODE (new*)


1. This game requires less 77 Mb free space, 2 GB RAM and high GPU for a good performance.
2. Evil Inside: Jessy's Diary is a hard game. Enemies have a very strong artificial intelligence. However Jessy has only one heart. So you need to have various strategies to defeat the enemies.
3. This game is not recommended for children younger than 12. Because it has real human sounds, horror items and blood effects.

Evil Inside: Jessys Diary

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