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I Hate My Job: Todolist \u0026 Time Tracker - 구글평점:-, Gamify your todolist with IHMJ todolist. The todolist habitica: you can kill your tasks and get things done by using this RPG todolist that will bring some fun at work. Are you bored in office Just use this todoist app and get sh*t done! With this simple and beautiful RPG todolist (habitica style) you can track time, log activities and track your habits statistics with detailed time-sheets. Improve your skills and upgrade your spaceship by getting things done.

- To do list: schedule your todos, set tasks priorities and assign tags to your activities
- Get things done: enjoy destroying tasks as you complete them
- Time tracker / time logger / time keeper: shoot your tasks and log the time you spend on them
- Statistics and timesheet: check what you did on a specific day, or discover your most frequent or time consuming activities
- Improve your skills: by completing tasks, your spaceship will upgrade

Should you have any feedback or issue, please feel free to contact us at the e-mail address you’ll find below.

I Hate My Job: Todolist \u0026 Time Tracker

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