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Signal for Twitter - 구글평점:-, = IMPORTANT: please read before you buy =

* At this moment, Twitter blocks everything you send from the app: tweets, replies, likes etc. They call it 'spam prevention algorithms', we call it censorship. As thousands of users are currently affected by such policy, we can only hope that Twitter will fix this issue in the near future.

On the bright side: everything related to reading works just fine and this part of Signal is still superior than the official app.

Signal is an elegant user-friendly client that makes your Twitter experience actually yours by removing all nonsense from the feed. Gone are ads, buttons and other annoyances. What's left is your content served chronologically in a beautiful timeline. Let's face it, that's all we need from Twitter.

As developers, we're particularly proud of Signal's speed and usability, while our users praise the app for its distinct feel and attention to detail:

"A breath of fresh air when you compare this to other Twitter apps for Android."

"The app is beautiful and shows incredible potential. So far, it's really fantastic."

"Works great for me thanks to powerful mutes and beautiful activity."

"Really enjoying the experience so far."

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Signal for Twitter

Alex Solonsky

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