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Rima: The Story Begins - Adventure Game - 구글평점:-, ABOUT THE PRODUCT

"Rima: The Story Begins - Adventure Game" is a Single-Player, Platform-Adventure Metroidvania videogame taking place in a world full of mysteries and surprises.


In the last full moon before Shadow gets close to the land, Ilathen the Goddess of Ila, sent one of her messengers down to find the one and only savior, because she knew as Shadow steps into Ila and opens the Dark Gate, hope, life and joy would turn into a dream.

She chose Rima and sent Huva to help and guide him to accomplish his predestined mission. Now Rima needs to face dangerous creatures, fight his way out and explore the land for new paths, objects and abilities which help him to find and revive the four vital elements the land's life depends on.

The four vital elements Are; Air, Fire, Water and Earth. By reviving each element, Rima gets one step closer to fulfill his destiny.


● Gamepad/Controller Support (gameplay Only)

● Experience console quality gaming on your Android phone or tablet

● Set your own graphics options depending on your Android device

● Enjoy playing in picturesque scenes with HDR quality (if supported)

● Choose the overall difficulty of the game

● Customizable UI to play with more confidence


● OS: Android 4.1


● Graphics: OpenGL ES 3.0 support

● Storage: 220 MB available space

● Internet: Required


● Why this game needs permission to access my files

Rima: The Story Begins requires permission to access game files on your devices's external storage in order to read game's data/files and save player's progression.

● Why this game is not compatible with my device

Open Google Play Store, tap Settings, scroll down to Build Version and tap to enter. If there is an update option available select and allow it to update, then Try to download the game again.

If there is no update option available, try the following:

From the Main Menu on your Android device go to Settings > Apps > swipe right to All > scroll down to Google Play Store, tap to enter and tap clear data, then Try to download the game again.


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Rima: The Story Begins - Adventure Game

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