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GET HER BACK: A Journey To The Creature Island - 구글평점:-, *** GET HER BACK is an epic that changes the way of traditional platformers and brings you a unique action platformer experience while preserving the old arcade and retro flavours, that will satisfy the metal of every hardcore gamer. In one line, kill the king and GET HER BACK.


*** Story starts when... HERO and FLORA are on a romantic boat date, today Hero has decided to propose his love Flora, But the boat slowly sailed into some mysterious waters, and here they encountered "CREATUA" the King of Creature Island. Creatua abducted Flora!

*** Now Flora needs you HERO, emerge your fighting spirit and blast your way through awesome and exciting Levels and GET HER BACK!

*** Every coming level hides crazy new challenge!


Survival is the key to cross 20+ unlockable Handcrafted levels!
Upgradable weapons with different shooting abilities! Check out the epic arsenal of weapons!
33 Achievements to complete!
60 Objectives to complete!
Horizontally + Vertically scrolling levels with increasing difficulty!
KILL powerful boss CREATUA and make flora free!
Lots of obstacles like: fireballs, cannons, sharp blades, deadly traps and much more!
Lots of enemies like: walking eyes, zombies, skeletons and flying creatures and much more!
Test your reflexes and skills with deadly traps!
Juicy 8-bit retro animations with old school pixel-art graphics!
An eye candy and satisfying shooting experience!
Smooth, Responsive and Addictive gameplay
Whole adventure is packed into an unbelievable less than 20mb package!
No IAPs!

*** Game starts on a sad note, but do have a happy ending, if you can make it. Download now adventure awaits you!

Permissions used in the game:
- Permissions are used ONLY to verify the "License" of game.
- We respect your privacy and DO NOT collect any user data.

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GET HER BACK: A Journey To The Creature Island

D PASAHAN Game Studio

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