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President Simulator - 구글평점:-, If I was the President, the country would've been in a much better state…

Are you sure Prove it! The "President Simulator" game lets you rule one of the 163 modern countries. Politics, the media, espionage, natural disasters, wars, taxes, crime fighting… Show your strength, wisdom and perseverance. Build a build a superpower that dictates its rules, otherwise the world will smash your country.

Managing a country isn't easy. Yet you'll succeed! See for yourself.
Over 50 unique plants and factories, more than 20 ministries and departments
Change ideology, state religion, join international organizations
Influence the country and the world using researches, espionage, politics, diplomacy, and religion
Suppress rebels, stop strikes, epidemics, prevent disasters, protect the country from invasions
Declare wars, conquer other countries, control conquered lands or grant them independence
Build embassies, conclude commercial and defence agreements, take out loans from the IMF to develop your country
Monitor the news about what's happening in the country and in other lands
Improve the President rating
Enjoy the game at any time: running this app does not require the Internet

President Simulator


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