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Shards of Memories: an Art Puzzle Game - 구글평점:-, Walk down memory lane and recollect pieces of your past by solving puzzles in the Shards of Memories game! Enter the mind of someone who’s loved and lost. Follow the short story of a troubled professor during one of the most challenging days of his life. As he fights anxiety and depression, a series of intriguing events will bring back old memories, awaken past emotions, but also determine a path for his future. ◆◆◆ SHARDS OF MEMORIES: AN ART PUZZLE ADVENTURE GAME FEATURES ◆◆◆ ◈ Hours of immersive gameplay The story is split in 3 chapters and 91 unique levels ◈ Multiple endings Through solving the puzzles, you can choose how the events will unfold ◈ Original artwork Shards of Memories is a collaboration of artists and it has an original story, photography and soundtrack ◈ Interactive background TAKE A RIDE ON THE EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER Shards of Memories: an Art Puzzle Adventure is a mind puzzle game that takes you on an emotional adventure. It is a game that brings out the sad beauty of despair, and contrasts it with the sentimental hope for joy. It focuses on the things that matter in life, beyond all the games for adults we are used to playing. TEASE YOUR BRAIN BY SOLVING UNIQUE MIND PUZZLES The Shards of Memories gameplay is intuitive and easy to use. By putting the pieces to the frame, you will recollect memories, deep thoughts and feelings of the main character. Things that represent moments in time, captured by the mind. ENJOY A MEMORABLE ARTISTIC EXPERIENCE The atmospheric and artistic game setting is provided by the collaboration of the story, photography and music. All of these elements leave a unique, dramatic impression, that in the end, proves to be very rewarding. DIVE INTO THE PSYCHOLOGY OF THE GAME Shards of Memories has a strong psychological theme and it faithfully describes a specific state of mind. The game explores what it takes to move on and get over a meaningful relationship. In dealing with anxiety and depression, the protagonist uses introspection to better understand his emotional past. By doing so, he hopes to find a way of coping during a difficult period in his life. While the game allows the players certain psychological insight, it also provides a pleasant stimulation for the brain and promotes visual thinking. OTHER THINGS TO ENJOY ◈ Relaxing gameplay Unlike most puzzle games, Shards of Memories: an Art Puzzle Adventure has no time restrictions. Play for fun. ◈ Achievements Unlock chapters to collect points on Game Center ◈ Localization You can play the game in 8 different languages.

Shards of Memories: an Art Puzzle Game

Milos Micakovic

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