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Watch Face H01 Android Wear - 구글평점:-, H01 is a premium Android Wear watch face with weather and animations. Loads of custom settings and user interactivity. Hybrid watch with digital time and analog hands. Hi tech / futuristic styling. Animation settings from subtle tech to full on disco! Set your own shortcuts to apps on your watch.

Current weather and 4 day forecast.
User definable shortcuts.
Several different animations and settings.
User color settings for 5 different areas including text. 4 presets for each - all customizable.
Watch and Phone Battery Level
Date and day of week.
12 and 24 hour time. Analog hand and digital time.
Notification options.
Screen timeout control.
5 different fonts available.
3 settings for ambient screen.
Settings for units and wind speed.
3 different weather icon styles to choose from.

Suitable for round, square, and flat tire watches. Ambient screen optimizations for lo bit displays.

This app is designed for all watches running Android Wear including:
- Motorola Moto 360
- Motorola Moto 360 2
- Motorola Moto 360 Sport
- Motorola Moto Woman
- Asus Zenwatch
- Asus Zenwatch 2
- Asus Zenwatch 3
- Samsung Gear Live
- LG G
- LG G Watch R
- LG Urbane 1st and 2nd GEN (NOT LTE)
- Sony Smartwatch 3
- Fossil Q founder
- Fossil Q Marshal
- Fossil Q Wander
- Tag Heuer Connected
- Michael Kors
- Nixon Mission
- Casio Smart Outdoor Watch
- Polar M600
- Many others

- After installing the app on your phone, the app automatically installs itself on the smartwatch. You will see a pop up message on the display when it's ready.
- Please activate it from the smartwatch face: Long press on the watch and select our watch face

If the Application doesn't appear:
- Check your watch device is connected in Android Wear app on phone.
- Make sure you have waited a few minutes for the watch to sync the new face on phone.
- If all else fails you can try restarting the phone / watch or reinstalling the app.

- Please email us if you need help, have questions, or suggestions. Thanks!

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Email: H01은 날씨와 애니메이션 프리미엄 Android Wear 시계 얼굴입니다. 사용자 설정 및 사용자 상호 작용의로드. 디지털 시간과 아날로그 손으로 하이브리드 시계. 기술 / 미래 지향적 인 스타일을 안녕하세요. 디스코에 전체에 미묘한 기술에서 애니메이션 설정! 시계의 앱에 자신의 바로 가기를 설정합니다.

현재 날씨, 4 일간의 일기 예보.
사용자 정의 단축키.
여러 다른 애니메이션과 설정.
텍스트를 포함하는 5 가지 영역에 대한 사용자 색상 설정. 각 4 사전 설정 - 모든 사용자 정의 할 수 있습니다.
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Watch Face H01 Android Wear

Forza One Studios

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