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Find the Differences Complete pack! - 구글평점:-, Are you ready for the challenge of finding the differences Suitable for all! The best "find differences" game for you Can you find out "whats the difference" in the photos of the room We guarantee you hours of fun and entertainment! - More than 110 levels. - Compare the two images side by side to look for differences - The five differences can be anywhere on the images ... - No time limit! To play relaxed. - The difficulty of the game is medium / difficult. Suitable for all audiences: children, adolescents and adults. - Ideal for family play. - If you get stuck, use the help option: take a hint to see where there is a difference in the pictures. - Solution of each level included, in case it can not be solved. - Simple and intuitive interface. - Designed for phones and tablets. This is a puzzle game known as "Spot the difference", "Difference game", or "Discover the difference", where you have to find 5 differences between the 2 images. If you like games like finding difference series and hidden objects this is your game!

Find the Differences Complete pack!

Abel Galvan

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