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Cluckles Adventure - 구글평점:-, The chicks have been captured by the evil minions! Help Cluckles in her adventure to rescue them all! Cluckles may be small, but she is a feisty and brave little chicken, she wont let the minions stand in her way! Armed with her trusty sword Cluckles must run, jump and dash through 100+ tricky levels, but watch out: the worlds are full of spikes, traps and deadly enemies. Find the chicks hiding in each level and reach the exit. Discover secret areas where chicks and useful power-ups could be hiding. Collect shields and armor to help Cluckles on her adventure. Explore three different environments. Defeat the minions and rescue the stolen chicks! GAME FEATURES - A highly replayable and fun platform / puzzle adventure game! - Find all the chicks hiding in each level to be awarded a perfect star. Unlock achievements! - Featuring 108 challenging levels, full of secrets, puzzles, tricky obstacles and enemies. Hours of entertainment! - Cute pixel art graphics! - Amazing, catchy retro soundtrack by NMBoom. COMMUNITY Have you completed an especially challenging level Discovered a hard-to-find secret area Come and share on Cluckles subreddit discussion:

Cluckles Adventure

Luke Henning

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