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Farming Simulator 2017 - 구글평점:-, Farmer Simulator 2017 Pro is the latest farming simulator available. The only true farming sim which will allow you to become a real farmer!

Start your agricultural career by cultivating crops in your lands! You can plow, sow and harvest using lots of different machineries! Sell your harvest for money to take control of new tractors and combines!

New 3D high definition graphics show even more detail on your machinery!
Plant and harvest a wide range of different crops: Wheat, canola, corn, sugar beet, potatoes and more with future updates
Sell your crops in a dynamic market
Use 100% accurate and realistic tractors and trucks from some of the biggest agriculture machine makers
Feed your animals: cows and sheep to produce and sell milk and wool
Harvest wood with dedicated machinery and sell the timber on the markets to make money
Manage AI (Artificial Intelligence) helpers for better crop results

Enjoy the new farming simulator playing in an open-world career mode! Have fun using farming vehicles and become a professional farmer! Download now Farmer Simulator 2017!

Farming Simulator Features:
Realistic Vehicles and Machineries (tractors, combines, plows, harvesters, seeders, trailers...) Easy Tutorials and help modes Grow different plants wide choice
Buy animals and manage them Purchase new fields and expand land
Open-World professional career mode Sell crops for money on markets
USA and European maps
Auto driving feature with AI intelligence
Day-Night Cycle for realistic weather conditions
Steering Wheel, Buttons or Tilting controls
Challenge your friends by sharing online your statistics and achievements!

Become a real farmer by playing this amazing farming simulator! The Best Farming Simulator available!

Farming Simulator 2017

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