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Plead the Fifth - The Game - 구글평점:-, It's the cheeky, provocative, late-night television game that's gotten Hollywood's hottest celebrities to dish their juiciest -- sometimes most shocking -- secrets on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live." Now you and your friends can party like you're guests in the Bravo Clubhouse as you play anytime, anywhere, with the exclusive "Plead the Fifth" app!

Most fun when played by three or more, the game is elegantly simple, but it ain't exactly easy! When it's your turn, a probing question pops up and you must decide which other player should answer it. If that player decides to give you the scoop, the whole scoop and nothing but the scoop, they get a point. But if they can't take the heat and decide to Plead the Fifth, you get the point and their score goes back to zero. First player to rack up three points wins. But don't we all win when we're hanging out with our besties and somebody spills every last bit of their tea

Who's ready to live their truth Find out as you play "Plead the Fifth!"

Plead the Fifth - The Game

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