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iScout FMM 2017 - 구글평점:-, Building on the last 3 years FMM Scout returns for 2017.

FMM Scout 2017 is the quickest way to scout of players and staff on SI/SEGA Football Manager Mobile 2017 and is designed to be picked up and go in line with the game.

Not happy with your scout report Stuck trying to find that wonderkid Limited funds and looking for a bosman transfer. FMM Scout enables you to find those players and staff to help build your club.

Note: Managers named must be 3+ Characters long. Using SI's In Game Editor can reduce compatibility with the scout app.

This year delivers many new and improved features over previous releases.

Improved UX
FMM Scout now attempts to find the default save file location. No need to go through the file browser anymore.

User Interface
FMM Scout hooks directly into player and staff images

Improved Shortlist
As well as being able to save your own shortlist which Football Manager Mobile 2017 can read in, FMM Scout also lets you load up shortlists you've created directly in Football Manager Mobile.

Additional Staff Added
Revamped staff listings to include Physios and Scouts and refined staff searches to include badges and specialism.

Players Positions
Full insight into players positions and foot strength in a finer grain of detail than in game.

Full Features (Selected)
- Improved UI.
- Hooks directly into player and staff images to display player pictures in their profiles.
- Now remembers your last load save location.
- Now remembers your last 4 loaded saves for speed loading.
- Now automatically tries and find the default save location.
- Increased compatibility with different resolutions.
- Double sorting to give finer filtering.
- 14+ functioning filters.
- Save created shortlists and load them directly into FMM 17!
- Load up shortlists that you created from FMM 17!
- Ability to add all of the searched list into one big shortlist.
- Added new shortlist view so you can see who's been added and remove them if needed.
- View all Scouts.
- View all Physios.
- View all Assistant Managers.
- Staff can be filtered by badges and roles

iScout FMM 2017


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