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Monster Park - Catchem - 구글평점:-, Notice: Legendary monsters occur! Grap the ball and catch them all! Welcome to the fantasy 3D monster world, dear trainer. Your mission is to assemble a team of monsters and challenge the champion of league. Take the battles and beat other trainers in real-time fight! Are you ready to become the master of trainer FEATURE: -over 2000+ monsters for catching, breeding and evolving You can catch and collect the 3D lovable monsters in the adventure of the fantasy world. They can also be great helpers for you to defeat the unknown enemies. -Lifelike 3D game scene The 3D monsters of polished animation battle scenes drive your attention and bring you the joy of childhoods memory. -Real-time battles, fighting for honor Breed your favorite monsters and build your own team. Over 10000+ players are online. Take on the battles and fight for the honor.

Monster Park - Catchem

Dong Xin Ye

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