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iMacro - Weight Watchers Nutrition and Point Value, Tracker, Database, and Calculator - 구글평점:-, "This app is amazing! I've lost 16 pounds in 8 weeks!" - ◆◆◆

Food point value tracking on Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone and iPod with FitBit and HealthKit integration!

Have you every thought about losing weight, or gaining muscle One of the most efficient ways to lose weight and live a healthier life is by tracking the three main macronutrients (proteins, fats, and carbohydrates) and calories.

We’ve developed an easy straight forward way to combine the three main macronutrients into one point value that is much simpler to keep track of! With iMacro you can track food points and nutritional information as well as your weight loss progress in an easy intuitive app. As an added bonus, iMacro integrates with FitBit and HealthKit!

iMacro uses an intelligent formula approved by the American Diabetic Association to analyze your age, height, weight, and physical activity level to provide you with a realistic macronutrient point intake goal to help you lose weight (or gain) today!

iMacro allows you to search, scan, create, and log foods. Do you eat the same thing often Use our new create meal feature to build a track-able meal with all your favorite food items. Don’t worry about typing in nutritional information anymore, our new extensive database has over 5,000,000 food items for you to choose from. Can’t find something No problem, create you own custom food item in seconds.

Key features of iMacro:

FitBit Everything you log is integrated with FitBit!
HealthKit Everything you log is integrated with HealthKit!
iCloud Everything is backed up with your iCloud!
Log - Track all of your food and weight on a daily/weekly basis.
Reminders Let us hold you accountable with custom daily reminders to log your food!
Apple Watch - View a glance of your day on the Apple Watch.
Weight Tracker - Track your weight each week and view your weight loss progress.
Barcode Scanner - Over 2,000,000+ UPC's available.
Online Food Database - Over 5,000,000 foods, including restaurants and USDA foods.
Meal Creator - Build customized meals by grouping various foods into one item.
Charts - Nutrition breakdown charts give you a daily, weekly, monthly breakdown of your food and macronutrients consumption.

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Please note: iMacro is not a medical app. Please consult with your physician before starting any weight loss or diet plan.

iMacro - Weight Watchers Nutrition and Point Value, Tracker, Database, and Calculator

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