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Watch Mini Games 7-in-1 - 구글평점:-, Weve created 7 great mini games for you to enjoy on your Apple Watch. Troopers Youre under attack! Use the digital crown to aim your gun and tap the screen to shoot your enemies. Helicopters drop paratroopers, dont let 4 troopers land on either side of your gun turret or you loose. Watch out for bombs dropped from the bombers! Invaders Control your spaceship with the digital crown. Shoot all the invading aliens before they get you. Car Car You control two cars, tap each car to change lanes. Avoid the squares and collect the circles. Walk the Line Use the Digital Crown to move the blue dot and stay in the line. What is your best score Brick Break A fun retro brick breaking game. Use the Digital Crown to move your paddle and hit the ball. Destroy all the blocks to finish the level and get a high score. Tennis A minimalist racket and ball game. Use the crown to move your paddle and hit the ball over the line. Can you beat the AI opponent Hacky Sack Super simple to play and hard to put down. Keep the hacky sack up in the air by hitting it with your paddle. Bounce the sack as many times as you can to get the high score.

Watch Mini Games 7-in-1


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