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Azkend 2: The World Beneath - 구글평점:-, Step aboard a fantastic adventure! Enjoy amazing match-3 gameplay and discover some of the most astonishing worlds ever imagined.


"Azkend 2 is a gorgeous tile-matching puzzle game ideal for casual gamers." 4.5/5

"Azkend 2 is a surprise on every level, combining puzzles and a great story for a memorable adventure." 4/4 (must have)

"Overall, I was extremely impressed with the quality of Azkend 2. The puzzles are lots of fun and challenging. The app has exceptional graphics and is very well designed. I highly recommend this game." 5/5

"Azkend 2 is a terrific 4.5-Dimple stud." 4.5/5

"An elegantly designed puzzle adventure game with astonishing looks."


While traveling from Liverpool to New York, your ship was pulled down into a massive maelstrom. You woke up in a place that may have never been gazed upon by the eyes of men. From now on, your goal is to ascend from the bowels of the Earth and return to civilization.


Enjoy dozens of exciting levels with varying gameplay in the Story Mode. Your story, drawing inspiration from Jules Verne, is told with gorgeous full screen animated scenes and professional voice overs. Experience awe and wonder as the eight fantastic scenes change as you move through them.

Azkend 2: The World Beneath features several different and exciting level types. The game features nearly twenty unique powerups and more than a dozen achievements. Choose your powerups wisely for each level to hasten your journey.

The game includes two challenge game modes, Time and Medals. The Time challenge is a bite-sized two minute game where you must score as many points as possible. In Medals challenge get to replay all the levels from Story Mode and attempt to earn a medal from each one.


- Carefully polished gameplay and controls
- Eight unique hand drawn and animated scenes
- Three game modes; Adventure, Time and Medals
- More than 60 levels in the Story Mode
- Professional voice overs in the story scenes
- Cinematic soundtrack by Jonathan Geer


Check out the trailer here: 환상적인 모험 승선 나와라! 놀라운 일치 3 게임 플레이를 즐길 수 있으며 상상 가장 놀라운 세계의 일부를 발견 할 수 있습니다.


"Azkend 2 캐주얼 게이머를위한 멋진 타일 - 일치하는 퍼즐 게임에 이상적입니다."
- 4.5 / 5

"Azkend 2 모든 수준 조합 퍼즐과 기억에 남을만한 모험을위한 훌륭한 이야기 에 놀라움입니다."
- 4분의 4 (해야합니다)

"전반적으로, 나는 매우 Azkend (2)의 품질 깊은 감명을 받았습니다. 퍼즐이 재미와 도전이 많이 있습니다. 앱이 뛰어난 그래픽을 보유하고 잘 설계되어 있습니다. 나 높은이 게임을 추천합니다."
- 5분의 5

"Azkend 2는 훌륭한 4.5 보조개 스터드입니다."
- 4.5 / 5

"놀라운 외모와 우아하게 디자인 된 퍼즐 어드벤처 게임."


뉴욕으로 리버풀에서 여행하는 동안 당신의 배는 거대한 소용돌이에 허물어되었습니다. 당신은 사람

Azkend 2: The World Beneath

10tons Ltd

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