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DC Legends - 구글평점:-, Currently does not support iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPad 2, iPad mini "A face of metal and flesh shall speak of the secrets of the 52. Fear will rise. Willpower will gather. And a wave of light will unleash the truth behind the power of the ring." - The Blackest Night prophecy, the Book of Oa. Set against the backdrop of DC Comics famed story arcs, DC Comics Legends is a Strategy RPG where you collect dozens of DC Comics heroes and villains, assemble them into superteams, and lead them into battle against undead superheroes. UNPARALLELED CUSTOMIZATION Collect your favorite DC Comics characters, develop each in a way that is uniquely your own, and assemble exactly the right squad for each mission. Master the skill system to earn and customize powers and abilities, build teams with strong dynamics and combos, and create your own strategies from the ground up. There are many paths to success. Which will you blaze CINEMATIC VISUALS Play the most visually stunning RPG experience on mobile. Luscious graphics, dynamic cameras, and smooth animations bring your vivid characters to life. PICK UP & PLAY DC Comics Legends offers simple but deep gameplay for both RPG veterans and newcomers alike. Intuitive touchscreen controls and turn-based mechanics make this game perfectly suited to mobile devices. Grow your team and save the universe moments or hours at a time. DC COMICS LEGENDS. TEAM UP. THROW DOWN. Need Help

DC Legends

Warner Bros.

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