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Floating Shortcuts ᴾᴿᴼ - 구글평점:-, What can you do to Switch Quickly to another App ! (As Fast As Possible)
Floating Shortcuts Solution (You Only need One Click to Switch Apps...)
1 Click on Floating Shortcuts to Open other Apps Immediately

Others Solutions
1 You should Leave Current app,
2 (Open a Toolbar/Open AppsDrawer/Open a Folder/Swipe Between Pages/Draw a Gesture),
3 Find the App &
4 Finally Click on the App to Open it... (It takes 4 actions. besides You Have to Remember Position or Specific Gesture & It limits you to a box)

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OK Google! Open Floating Shortcuts
Say this command to Recovery all Floating Shortcuts & Categories
(Turn On Intelligent Services in App Preferences)

Floating Categories (Categories of Apps)
Sticky Edge: Open Notification Bar & Select Move to Edge (Left/Right) to Move Floating Shortcuts/Categories to Edge
Floating Notification :
Click on Notification Dot to See Contents
Press & Hold on Notification Dot to Expand Notification Panel
Swipe Left/Right to Remove Notifications
Turn On Floating Notifications in Preferences
Popup AppShortcuts (Android 7.1.+)
Recover Floating Shortcuts/Categories
Popup Menu Delay
Choose Delay in Millisecond when Press & Hold on Floating Shortcuts to See the Popup Menu

Advanced Features
Split Shortcuts: Open Apps in Multi-Window Simultaneously (Android 7.+)
Float It: Open All Apps in Floating View (Android 7.+)
Lite Preferences: Set Preferences to Minimum for Better Performance

Floating Shapes: Droplet - Circle - Square - Squircle
Theme of Icons: Select Package of Icons Theme
Floating Splash: Waiting Screen for Opening Apps
App Theme Color: Light/Dark Color of Wallpaper
App Drawer Style: Hybrid/List/Grid
Transparent Theme: Light/Dark/Dynamic
Blurry Theme
Shortcuts Size
Shortcuts Transparency

Tip: To Remove/Pin Floating Shortcuts/Categories Press & Hold to see Options

* Your Smartphone Wallpaper reflects your Moods & I Respect it.
* Shortcuts App Theme Colors will Change to What you are in mood for...

* #FloatIt on your Wrist
* Create Floating Shortcuts of Apps on Android Wear Smart Watches

* Accessibility Service Permission Notice
* This App Uses Accessibility Services...
* To Create Multi-Window & Open Apps in Split Screen Simultaneously.

* Please, Do Not Use Pirated Websites to Download Pro Edition
* You Can Try Free Edition Before Purchasing...
* Floating Shortcuts | Free Edition
* Floating Shortcuts

Floating Shortcuts ᴾᴿᴼ

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