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Board Game Stats - 구글평점:-, Keep track of your Board Game plays and scores in this easy to use tool.
View statistics and graphs for your games, plays, and other players.

- How many games did you play recently
- Who scored the highest for a game
- With whom did you play and who wins more
- Did you improve your score from last times

Features include:
- Enter Games and set an image and scoring rules
- Set Players and Locations
- Enter your plays including location and scores per player
- Calculate scores on the fly
- Create teams and enter team scores
- Add images of your Plays, and create profile images of Players
- Link Games to BoardGameGeek to load more details and a game image
- Post your plays to BoardGameGeek
- Post your play to Twitter or Facebook
- View statistics for Games, Plays, and Players
- View statistics for a specific combination of players
- Browse a extended statistics overview with H-index and fives and dimes
- Export and import scores for easy backup to a variety of services
- All in a native iOS interface

Please note that any changes to the BoardGameGeek website or API can temporarily break BGG related features. I cannot guarantee their continued availability.

Board Game Stats

Eerko Vissering

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